Newspaper Report

Newspaper Report

2017/2018 Regular - Surrey - 25-Nov-2017 09:00 AM

Surrey; 25-Nov-2017 09:00 AM; 2017/2018 Regular; DBHL; Game # 1718-073

Sloppy Blue Jobs (DBHL) 2 vs Red, White and Brew (DBHL) 7

First Half

1. Red, White and Brew, Charest, Phil 1 (Vachon, Corey / Chalmers, Tyler) 06:40
2. Sloppy Blue Jobs, O`Shaughnessy, Quinn 1 (O`Shaughnessy, Ross / Doucet, Dave) 07:00
3. Red, White and Brew, Chalmers, Tyler 1 (Low, Allan) 07:45
4. Red, White and Brew, McClymont, Jeremy 1 (Lanto, Chris) 10:50 (gw)
5. Red, White and Brew, Charest, Phil 2 (Unassisted) 12:00
6. Red, White and Brew, Charest, Phil 3 (Chalmers, Tyler) 13:36
Penalties - None.

Second Half

7. Sloppy Blue Jobs, Morcos, Cherif 1 (Hamilton, Jamie) 08:15
8. Red, White and Brew, Chalmers, Tyler 2 (Turcot, Andre) 11:00
9. Red, White and Brew, Fudge, Chris 1 (Chalmers, Tyler / Vachon, Corey) 14:00
Penalties - None.

Shots On Goal
Red, White and Brew 18-9--27
Sloppy Blue Jobs 8-5--13

Goal - Sloppy Blue Jobs: Desormiers, Stephane; Red, White and Brew: Lanto, Chris

Power plays - Sloppy Blue Jobs: 0-for-0; Red, White and Brew: 0-for-0

Sloppy Blue Jobs: Stephane Desormiers; Dave Doucet; Jamie Hamilton; Ross O`Shaughnessy; Cherif Morcos; Quinn
O`Shaughnessy; Brian Garbacz
Red, White and Brew: Chris Lanto; Phil Charest; Tyler Chalmers; Chris Fudge; Jeremy McClymont; Andre Turcot; Corey
Vachon; Allan Low

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